Blue Corner Store is a Manchester based music blog established in October 2011 by two University grads who met at Reading Festival 2009. Today, Blue Corner Store has grown into an ethically sound indie brand, but it all started from a love for music...

Blue Corner Store in the Rough Trade photo booth!The blog was the start of it all, primarily being an outlet for our brutally honest opinion on the wonderful world of indie & alternative music, should anyone ever wish to read it. However, we quickly found ourselves at gigs/festivals chatting with some of the most exciting acts around, including PEACE, Bastille, We Are Scientists, The Cribs & Blood Red Shoes to name a few. We even began to produce our own independent publication which now ships out free with all orders.

However, it soon became make or break for Blue Corner Store. We needed a solution which would allow us to fund the blog, call time on our day jobs and continue to focus upon doing what we truly loved. Inspired by the ethos of so many indie musicians we’d met along our travels, we set out to create a brand that would be a true return from mass-production, with a strong DIY attitude at heart. Having always been on the front-line of the new music scene, interviewing and promoting the struggle of so many small bands through the blog, now we're putting our own necks on the line.

Just as indie music has been the antidote to the meaningless refrains of mass-produced, auto-tuned pop which plagues the world, Blue Corner Store aims to be the cure for those meaningless brands whose only message is... ‘buy me’.

Blue Corner Store xxx

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